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Getting to Class

– Please make sure to be on time for class and for picking up your child!
– Make sure your teacher sees that your child has been picked up.
– Please do NOT leave your child before the class starts or unattended.
– Teachers are not responsible for your child until the class starts.
– Always leave your child with the teacher.
– Parents are not permitted to enter classrooms while in session.
– Make sure to ask your child to wash hands before class.
– Please use low voices when arriving or picking up a child early.
– In the event of bad weather, such as a snow day.
– In the event of a closure, Zoom will send an email to your email on record.
– Please update your contact information if it has changed here


All Programs

– No credits or refunds are given for student absences
– Credits are non-refundable and valid for 12 months from confirmation date
– Reservations and Discounts are not guaranteed until enrollment is completed
– Enrollment requires online registration and paid deposit.
– Tuition unpaid balances will be assessed a $10 per week late fee after the due date.
– Tuition adjustments, credits or refunds will be assessed a $75 administrative fee.
– There is a five-minute grace period after class for pickups.
– Late Fees: $25 every 15 minutes late pick up
– Zoom reserves the right to re-group classes or reassign locations.
– Deposits are applied towards tuition last payment and they are non-refundable
– Zoom is unable to process third-party organizations payments
– Reimbursement forms requires one-time administration fee per calendar year

Classes Programs

(Verde, Azul, Roja, Amarilla, Naranja & Online Programs)
– Tuition is due the first day of class.
– Free Trial Class is only for new students and online registration is required.
– If you join mid-session, tuition will be prorated for the remaining classes without discounts.
– Zoom reserves the right to re-group classes based on number of students per class
– Make-ups need to be scheduled by e-mail only. Make-up classes are subject to availability.
– Withdraw mid-session, Zoom will refund you minus the tuition of the days attended
without discounts, minus the deposit value and minus the administrative fee.


– Switch off cell phones/alerts or put them on silent before class begins
– Do not talk over the teacher or other classmates
– Mute your mic if you are not talking
– Students must join on or before the class starts, we recommend joining 5 minutes before.
– The room will be locked after all attendees are connected, or after 5 minutes,
whichever comes first, to avoid class interruptions.
– Zoom reserves the right to remove any student from the class.

Summer Camps

– Tuition is due the first day of Summer Camp classes
– Deposit is non-refundable. Tuition payments are non-refundable.
– No make ups are available for these programs
– Parent observation during class time is not allowed during summer camps
– Parents are responsible for children while they are not actively participating in a Zoom class, including the time preceding and following formal class times.

Zoom Summer Pass
– Passes are for named students. They cannot be shared or transferred.
– Pass holders will have priority to accommodate the requested weeks.
– Zoom Summer Pass holders will benefit from 15 minutes early drop off and 15 minutes late pick up at no extra charge

Playschool Programs

(Tucán, Colibrí, Quetzal & Quetzal Avanzado)

Annual tuition is based on the number of days in the school year divided into equal monthly payments. There is no credit for vacations, inclement weather, school breaks, holidays, time missed during the school year or school closures due to unforeseen events. Please refer to the annual school calendar for school closures and observed holidays.

– You are responsible for the Full Year Tuition amount after enrollment.
– No make ups are available for these programs
– One Time Supplies Fees and Application Fees are non-refundable and due by September 1st
– Two payments are due by July 1st, prior to the school year
– In the event that you decide to early withdraw from the program, Zoom will offer you to opt in for an early withdraw fee of 20% out of the annual Tuition in addition to any payments made and the administrative fee to release you from the remaining balance of the tuition. This fee will help offset some of the expenses the school have committed for the duration of the program.

The Door

The door MUST be closed and locked at all times. The door automatically locks when it is shut.

Health & Safety

Remember to bring your child to the bathroom and wash hands before class. It creates a distraction (and sometimes a “domino effect”) when children need to use the bathroom during the 75-minute classes. Also, please provide a meal or light snack before classes, remembering that Zoom is a nut-free zone due to severe allergies among the children. Note: Make sure you include any allergy information in the registration form.


Bringing a sick child to Class exposes him/her to other secondary illnesses and exposes the staff and other children to illness. Please bring a child to class only after all symptoms have subsided. (Doctors recommend that children who have had a fever stay home one full day after the fever subsides).

Keep a child home if (s)he:

– Has a fever of 100° (F) or more (taken under the arm)
– Has a sore throat, rash, vomiting, diarrhea, earache or swollen glands
– Has vomited two or more times in the last 24 hours
– Has a rash, lice, or nits
– Has an eye infection, thick mucus or pus draining from the eye
– Is just not feeling well, is unusually tired, pale, has a lack of appetite, is confused or cranky.


You may review the policies FAQs.

 Please contact our office for any policies clarification and general information at