Playschool Programs
Spanish for Children

Quetzal Program | Age group 4 to 5 yrs

In this Pre-K class, the final step in our half-day Playschool program, children put into practice everything they have learned before, using their knowledge of the classroom environment, the Spanish language, and various pre-kindergarten concepts to reach a level of bilingualism where they are confident and comfortable expressing their daily needs and thoughts in Spanish.

We divide our play-based immersion curriculum into six “areas of study,” which will be focused upon each day (for example, students may focus on music and science one day, math and language the next). We will incorporate these areas of study into activities and projects that are part of our daily routine. We find that by spending quality time on a few subjects each day maximizes meaningful learning.

Following our immersion method of language learning, many of our Playschool graduates have gone on to enter bilingual elementary schools such as John Stanford and McDonald International using the language skills they developed with us here at Zoom. Quetzal is the final step to bring each child’s experiences together and achieve outstanding levels of bilingualism!

The six areas of study are:

– Creative Arts: art media and forms, types of artwork, using art for storytelling.

– Science Play: weather, seasons, gardening, similarities between plants and animal.

– Math: counting, addition/subtraction, money, time, statistics, weight and measurement.

– Language: phonetic recognition, word rhyming, vocabulary development.

– Literacy Skill Building: pre-writing and pre-reading skills, self-directed drawing and writing.

– Music: listening to various style of music, identifying different instruments, singing.


In the 4s/5s class, children will work every day on Playschool workbook activities. Students will complete activities in the classroom and from time to time they might take them home to finish them or do some fun homework. The workbook will enable families to participate in students’ experience at Zoom and will help track children’s school progress.


Schedule 2016-2017 School Year | 4 hrs / day | 8:10 to 12:10

– 4x, Monday through Thursday

– 5x, Monday through  Friday


Registration for 2018-2019 is OPEN!