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Exclusive program for Zoom Language Parents

Many parents over the years have asked us about resources they can use to help their children reinforce what they’re learning at Zoom, even without prior knowledge of Spanish. We know that as parents involved in your children’s education, many of you would also like some ideas for fun activities and cognitive games to help your children practice Spanish at home.

The PlayPa program is designed to provide Zoom Language parents with the support they need to reinforce the knowledge acquired by their children at Zoom. While it focuses on vocabulary, phrases, and use of the language, the program also offers an approach to the resources used by the teachers, such as cognitive games, association, sorting, and classification activities.

This program is exclusive to parents of Zoom Language students, and specifically designed to align with the Zoom Language curriculum. PlayPa was designed by experienced Spanish teachers at Zoom Language, a trusted, award-winning Seattle-based language school.

At Zoom Language we make learning Spanish a flexible and pleasant exercise. We have native speaker teachers from our school, interacting with students in small groups, in a convenient and safe online environment so that you can fit your studies into your lifestyle.

Online classes are 60 minutes long in a virtual class provided by Zoom Language. You just need a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone with a good internet connection and a headset or headphones with a microphone. Our teachers provide a LIVE language learning experience in a convenient online class.

This is a unique program that Zoom Language Parents can access easily without even leaving your house or office. Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn and share with your child in addition!

Classes are taught in 10-week sessions grouped into seasons: Fall, Winter, and Spring. For details, check out the  Spanish Classes Calendar.

Registration is open and classes start Nov 2016!

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Monday through Friday*

2.30 pm to 3.30 pm – Pacific Time

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