Spanish for High School
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High School Spanish Program

SpanHS is designed for students looking to learn Spanish, whether to improve their grades, increase proficiency to join AP (advance placement) programs or just to expand their horizons!

SpanHS was designed by experienced Spanish teachers at Zoom Language, a trusted, award-winning Seattle-based language school. Our excellent teachers host, from the school, a LIVE language learning experience in a true online immersion. This is a unique and convenient learning program that students can access easily without even leaving their house!

Online classes are 60 minutes long in a virtual LIVE class provided by Zoom Language. Students just need a laptop, tablet or smartphone with a good internet connection and a headset or headphone with a microphone.

Classes are taught in 10-week sessions grouped into seasons: Fall, Winter, and Spring. Mid season enrollments are welcome!

Now offering a 5-week Summer Season option! Perfect opportunity to improve during Summer! Don’t miss the opportunity and try it for free!

For dates details, check out the  Spanish Classes Calendar.


Schedule | 60 Minutes | Online Live Class online-icon

Mondays through Fridays

4 pm to 5 pm – Pacific Time and Eastern Time

This list includes all the potential classes available

Registration is Open! Mid season enrollments are welcome!

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