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What will my child learn at Zoom?

Zoom is an immersion program in which children are taught Spanish through play and fun, interactive activities. Zoom instructors engage children by using music and songs, creative play, and manipulative and cognitive games.

Can my child participate in a different age group?

Because our class activities are tailored to be developmentally appropriate for the age of the students, it is unlikely we will be able to accommodate your child in a class in which participants are older or younger than your child. However, we will consider special cases.

Are the sessions only in Spanish?

Yes, Zoom is an immersion program. All activities, however, are designed to accommodate students with varying degrees of Spanish comprehension.

What if my child doesn’t understand Spanish? How will he begin to learn it if no English is spoken?

Zoom structures its classes in a repetitive, predictable manner so that children quickly learn what to expect. Through play, familiar tunes and contextual cues, they will begin to learn basic vocabulary words and will quickly feel comfortable. Our experienced teachers know that patience is key, and that all children learn at a different pace. All teachers plan carefully their classes with students in mind ensuring that we are able to tailor our approach so that each child’s needs are addressed and nurtured.

What if my child already knows some Spanish?

Children who already speak Spanish will be encouraged to build on their existing skills. We also find that their confidence is enhanced as they “help” their peers learn a new skill. Children who are starting to read and write in English, or their native language, will also be encouraged to learn to read and write in Spanish.

What if my child feels shy about speaking Spanish?

When learning a language, children first learn to comprehend what is said to them and then learn to speak it. It often takes time for children to feel confident speaking a new language. Parents can reinforce new skills at home by talking about vocabulary words and asking their child to teach them songs they sing in class.

Can I stay and observe my child’s class?

Parent observation during class time is not allowed, as we have found it distracts the children. However, parents are welcome to observe the first and last five minutes of class. New families are invited to observe and participate during a trial class.

Do you provide snacks or meals?

We are a nut free school, so please make sure not to give your child anything that contains nuts at our center. If your child has any types of food allergies, please request and fill out an allergy form.

Classes: Because of the length of our classes (75 min.) we don’t offer a snack or water during class. During certain sessions we learn about food and class projects during these lessons involve real food. Parents are welcome to bring their own food in case of special dietary needs.

Summer Camp: We offer a healthy, vegetarian and hearty snack. We serve at least one type of vegetable, such as baby carrots or cherry tomatoes.

At least two different types of fruit, such as watermelon and strawberries, and at least a type of protein or carb: such as quesadillas, whole wheat toast or rice cakes. We honor children’s own eating pace and we encourage good and healthy habits at the table. Children are welcome to bring your own snack from home.

Playschool: We provide a healthy and vegetarian snack once a day, which includes seasonal fruit, grain products and milk products.

What happens when there is an unscheduled school closure?

In inclement weather, natural disasters, and all other unforeseen circumstances, Zoom will make every effort to remain open. If the school will close, we will notify parents via e-mail by 8:00am that morning. No refunds will be given under these circumstances.