Spanish Classes
for Children

Amarilla | Age Group: 5-7 yrs

Amarilla is our 75 minute Spanish immersion class for children ages 5-7, designed with the goal of helping students build their knowledge of Spanish while keeping them interested and engaged with exciting educational activities and games!
This after-school class is a great way for children to begin their journey on the road to bilingualism or advance their Spanish skills. Our effective immersion curriculum helps students prepare for advanced Spanish classes in elementary school as well as building a solid foundation for them to excel in middle-school Spanish programs.

The program is designed to explore multiple subjects and activities including: Literacy & Math (reading, writing, numbers, shapes and problem solving), Games (board games, guessing games and group games), Arts & Crafts (projects and lessons about famous artists).

The Amarilla class is held on weekdays— see below for potential classes.

Schedule | 75 minute class | 4:00-5:15pm

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