Better that you
have ever imagined!


” Zoom’s teachers make learning Spanish such a good time that no one seems to notice they are working hard to learn a new language.”

” Zoom has created an environment for language acquisition that is unique in the city of Seattle and with the help of her mom is creating a special place for bringing culture and pride to our kids. ”

” I just want to share with you how enthusiastic Finola was about her first day at Zoom. She told me all about her cubby, playing Bingo, the rope she held going to the park “and the really nice teacher who smiles a lot.” Seeing her so happy really warmed my heart, she has a real shy side and I wasn’t quite sure how she would do. She asked when the next time she got to go to Zoom was. She really had a great time!”

” Thank you very much for Zoom. Parents need to have their child experience a session at Zoom to understand its effect. The teachers are kind, precise, and know how to hold a child’s attention. Both my 7 year old and my 2 1/2 year old soak in energy. I’m amazed just how quickly they learn! ”

” We love your school and can’t wait to see what Winter quarter brings.”

” Thank you very much for all that you do, caring for, teaching and loving the kids.”

” Thanks for the update – you always do the funnest things in class! ”
“We have been with Zoom since it opened. The community, energy and learning at Zoom is amazing. We tried four other preschools and none of them match Zoom in quality of education and loving care. Our oldest daughter is very bonded to her cohort of classmates. Our oldest likes to correct my grammar and she is complemented on her fluency and beautiful accent! She was very well-prepared for Kindergarten.

Our toddler has been enrolled since Spring 08. She is always happy to go into the classroom and is cheerful and energized at the end of her morning. She knows so much Spanish already and she understands even more. We are so thankful for this amazing community of wonderful teachers, kids and families.”

” Our daughter absolutely loves Spanish class. She hates leaving you every week. And I love your enthusiasm and energy, and especially the way you hug the children (which we unfortunately don’t see much in this country anymore). Thanks for being such a positive influence on my child. We WILL be signing up for more classes for sure! ”

” Thanks so much for a wonderful parent / teacher conference once again this year. We are just so pleased with Zoom and all that Tyson is learning at school! You feel like family to us and I’m so grateful that we found you!! ”

” Thanks so much for your attention to detail. You rock! ”

” Thank you so much for a wonderful summer session! Isabella loved her time at Spanish camp and has flourished here at home. She is not shy about speaking Spanish with the family anymore and it is more than we could have hoped for! ”

” Thanks for all of the exciting activities coming up! I’m so amazed at what a great job you do with the kids at Zoom. ”

” We love the classes. You are a wonderful teacher! ”

” As always, you guys are caring and wonderful. We really appreciate it. ”