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Spanish Immersion School

Zoom Language is an award-winning Spanish immersion language school for children. We offer a variety of full immersion Spanish programs for children including half-day playschool, Spanish classes after and before school, summer camps and online live classes. Native Spanish-speaking teachers and small class sizes, combined with an immersion environment, it is proven to be the most effective form of language-learning, make Zoom a fantastic option for children to begin or expand their Spanish language skills. Please select a program type to find out more!

In Parents Words

“…My daughters both learned a lot of Spanish and with a lovely accent at Zoom. I appreciate their arts and sports focus as well as cultural education. When my older child started Spanish in grade one, her early experiences at Zoom really began to shine through. Thank you!…” Jessica

“…This is a top notch Spanish immersion school. The teachers are kind, smart and dedicated to giving our children a complete language immersion experience. We highly recommend this program for families committed to early language immersion education…” Lindsey

“…Zoom is fabulous. We have put one child through from the ‘one hour a week with a parent’ to the 5 days a week full immersion program…and had that child successfully test into one of the international kindergartens as a native speaker! Our youngest has just started four days a week and still loves school! We know it’s a good experience as both kids happily use Spanish at home with each other and their parents….and we (ironically) speak Spanish at a 3-year old level…” Jesse

“…The teachers at Zoom are exemplary. They are truly dedicated to each and every child at the school and treat every child with compassion and fairness. The Spanish-speaking community this school creates is a gift to the students and their families…” Anna


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Cool facts about Zoom

  • All programs are taught in 100%
    Spanish immersion.
  • We offer a 10% discount for
  • Mid-session registration is always
    welcome, space permitting.
  • The Center is a “NUT FREE ZONE”.
    Due to allergies, no nut products
    are allowed.


  • Learning Spanish makes you self-sufficient, increase self-esteem, boosts social skills, develops creativity, opens the mind and helps us adapt to change.
  • Spanish is the second most widely-spoken language in the United States.
  • Bilingualism is proven to increase cognitive abilities.
  • Children who grow up speaking more than one language often have linguistic, cognitive and psychological advantages over monolingual speakers.
  • Bilingual children are creative, develop stronger problem-solving skills and are more capable of adapting to and coexisting with other cultures.
  • Bilingual children enter the professional world with increased employment opportunities as adults.
  • Zoom Language immersion programs help develop children’s cognitive, intellectual and social skills.